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 Become a part of the NRCG & Ignite Studios creative community by joining our Annual Membership Program! 


Beginning in 2023, Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) & Ignite Studios will commence an annual membership program for our community of artists, creatives, supportors, friends and locals. 

Membership will include a range of benefits including early access and invitations to all events, gallery tours and a program of annual events. 


2023 Membership Benefits: 

  • Early bird tickets offered before the general public, including workshops, public programs, events (starting February 2023) 
  • A Gallery Tours with Coordinator, Staff or Artists each exhibition period (6 per year) 
  • 4 x annual members only events including creative workshops, get togethers, bbqs and/or other gallery style events 
  • Quarterly newsletter for members only (published March, June, Sept, Dec) 
  • Being a part of our creative community and building our membership culture 
  • Supporting all gallery activities and artists 

Terms and Conditions of Membership: 

  • All current and active Gallery Volunteers receive free membership (from January 2023) 
  • Membership fees can be paid online or in person via the Gallery front counter 
  • A membership form will need to be filled out wither online at time of purchase or at the Gallery Front Counter 
  • Annual membership is current from the time of purchase for a 12-month period (renewed annually from the month of purchase) 
  • Once paid, members will be issued with a membership number and date of renewal notice 

 The cost of Annual Membership is $55 per year

 Purchase and become a member here: 


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