AP[ART] Online Art Project 


Physically we are apart, but collectively we can express our individual experiences through art.

Over the coming weeks, NRCG Ap[art] will be exploring the unique opportunity we have to create, share and celebrate art while involuntarily apart. Ap[art] will celebrate how artists and community members have been inspired by their recent experiences at home – using their native habitat, fellow inhabitants, and intimate spaces as their creative stimulus.

Practising artists recognise periods of isolation as precious opportunities to learn new skills, increase productivity and enter a ‘flow’ state, but this is something we can all benefit from. Let’s rediscover the possibilities of creative solitude through Apart, a work-in-progress that seeks to find artistic ways to stay connected during this crisis.

NRCG will be celebrating creations by community members and artists who have been inspired to create during this time and will feature highlights of the work that has come out of our online programs.


Show us the art you are creating during isolation

How to be Ap[art]: 

  1. Like and Follow NRCG on Instagram and Facebook 
  2. Upload an image of your  work only (no photos of you)
  3. Add a brief description of what inspired your work
  4.  Post to Instagram and use hashtag #nrcgapart
Select work may be re-posted to the NRCG Ballina Instagram and Facebook page during Ap[art]. 




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