Art at the Airport

The Art at the Airport (AatA) was a curated program showcasing artwork by professional artists living and working in the Northern Rivers region. The program ran from 2014 to 2016 to promote the Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) and professional artists from our region. It offered a new dynamic to the airport environs – bringing visual arts to the 30,000 - 40,000 people who passed through the Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport each month. A new showcase of artwork was presented bimonthly, representing a total of 6 artists per year.

This program concluded in 2016 and we thank our program partner the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport for their support of this program along with all the participating artists who showcased their works celebrating our creative community and welcoming visitors to the Northern Rivers Region.

Leonie Lane & John Stewart 3

 Leonie Lane & John Stewart  |  OutsideInside
March - June 2017
is a collaborative project by Leonie Lane and John Stewart, two of ...


Nikky Morgan-Smith

 Nikky Morgan-Smith  |  Wing Song3 November - 4 January 2016
The idea of flight is often associated with human aspiration for release from ...


Damien O'Mara

 Damien O'Mara | Airliner Series7 September - 2 November 2016
The Airliner Series investigates the use of industrial objects through ...


Hilary Herrmann

 Hilary Herrmann7 July - 7 September 2016
Abstractly, paintings are for me a ponderings upon the consequences of journeys, with the hope ...


James Guppy

 James Guppy5 May - 6 July 2016
The truly beautiful is compelling.  It demands things of us and this compulsion is dangerous.  In these ...


Ms Browns Lounge

 Ms Browns Lounge2 March - 4 May 2016
Ms Browns Lounge is the collaborative practice of artists, Joanna Kambourian & Darren Bryant Ms ...


Fleur Yorston

 Fleur Yorston2 September - 4 November 2015
Visitors to the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (BBGA) will receive a contemporary take on a ...


Susan Jacobsen

 Susan Jacobsen4 November - 6 January 2015
Deeply inspired by the diverse and wild Australian landscape, particularly in Northern NSW, ...


Duke Albada

 Duke Albada  |  You Are Here6 January - 2 March 2016
Albada’s works are deeply thought provoking audio visual installations. You Are Here, ...


Michelle Dawson

 Michelle DawsonJuly / August 2015
Michelle Dawson combines a fascination with creatures, mythologies and night skies to create paintings ...

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