• Ms Browns Lounge (J. Kambourian & D. Bryant)  |  Pool Part (At Pink Flamingos)


Ms Browns Lounge

2 March - 4 May 2016

Ms Browns Lounge is the collaborative practice of artists, Joanna Kambourian & Darren Bryant Ms Browns Lounge produces works that combine digital art, design and printmaking methods and materials to produce works that aim to challenge and explore non-traditional printmaking mediums.

Pool Party & Road Trip comprises digitally sourced imagery, appropriated and transformed through enlarging and distorting the image beyond its intended clarity and meaning The geometric pattern overlaid creates the ‘framework’ through which the image is viewed and removes parts of the image from the viewer.

At the distance the images are still recognizable, however the images appear differently when viewed up close and they become less recognizable, colours and detail blending into a tapestry of coloured pixels. Printed on aluminium the works take on a materiality that in a public space may otherwise indicate way finding or advertising.

The images speak of similar experiences and nostalgia seen through two very different cultural lenses simultaneously.

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