•  Images courtesy of Ben Wyeth Photography

  • Image courtesy of Ben Wyeth Photography

  • Image courtesy of Ben Wyeth Photography

  • Images courtesy of Ben Wyeth Photography

Jeremy Austin  |  

20 April 2017

Jeremy Austin joined us for a 2 hour skate graphics session, guided participants through creating their very own skate deck design. Participants learnt how to make an artwork from hand-drawn mark makings and to painting it onto a skate deck, so everyone walked away with an interesting and unique skateboard.

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Artist Bio

Jeremy is a local visual artist who works in a variety of mediums out of his studio in Lismore. A young Jeremy was busy soaking up the art of comic books, graphical science fiction books and Letraset lettering catalogues. Now a keen painter, illustrator, street-artist and a self taught screen-printer, Jeremy prints his artworks onto T-shirts and continues the exploration in mark-making by creating new works on canvas, paper and outdoors using recurring characters and motifs as a vehicle for the continued study into catatonic automatic drawing as well as muscle memory schematic drawing with the aim of bringing the immediacy of compressed line work from sketchbook to canvas to walls.

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Lucille Atkins is a jeweller/designer, currently studying at the Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University. Her objective is to create wearable jewellery/sculpture that uses already existing materials in an attempt to lessen her participation in the environmental degradation and human rights violation that can occur when any metal is mined.

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