Virtually Impossible  |  A collaboration between SPRUNG!! Integrated Dance Theatre + Andrew Christie

28 August - 20 October 2019 

Virtually Impossible, was a special virtual reality (VR) exhibition developed collaboratively between Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist Andrew Christie, and local dance group SPRUNG!! Integrated Dance Theatre.

This immersive exhibition transformed the main gallery space into a series of virtual worlds through which the audience could navigate once fitted with a VR headset, merging real movements in the gallery within digitally constructed ones. Sometimes related to a single dancer or at other times a conglomeration of group inspirations… anecdotes, fabricated narratives, dreams and daily routines converge with Christie’s own creative input to create a fantastic world to be explored by everyone.

This exhibition catalogue gives further insight into the artist's influences and ideas in developing the stunning and highly evocative virtual realms of the dancers. 


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This project was supported through the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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