March 2022  |  Online Exhibition Screening

Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) Ballina presents four exciting new solo exhibitions from artists across the region – exploring the female body, cultural and emotional connections to land, and experimental mark-making through painting, photography and sculpture. Engage with innovative and challenging ideas and visit NRCG in March 2022. For further information or sale enquiries please contact the Gallery on 02 6681 0530 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


GALLERY 1  ::  Verringern | Judith Leuenberger

Inspired by the North Yorkshire stormy skies from where the artist is from, this exhibition of landscape paintings reflects Judith Leuenberger’s fascination with nature’s changing moods. These paintings explore the quality of light in the Australian skies compared with the moody and often turbulent British skies.

GALLERY 2  ::  Dressed for Desire | Lauren McCartney

Dressed for Desire explores the guilt associated with the stillness of the female body during lockdown periods and the pressure put on women to not only survive COVID-19 but to ‘refine’ our bodies as we do so. Drawing from indulgence, excess and the abject, the body is framed as absurd homewares in a parody of women’s roles.

GALLERY 3  ::  12 Gauge | Rae Saheli

Rae Saheli’s work is defined by a process in which she uses a 12-gauge shot gun aimed at various supports to create explosive and gestural artworks. Saheli has been using this technique since 2019 and it represents a synthesis between her passion for the sport of shooting and the power of art to be at once dynamic and beautiful.

GALLERY 4  ::  Wun-ga-li Ngurrambaa Winanga-li (Return to Birthplace to listen, hear, know, remember) | Debbie Taylor-Worley

Returning to Gamilaraay country in order to reconnect both bodily and spiritually to the places of her Ancestors and sites significant to her childhood, Taylor-Worley has sat in Winanga-li, the principle of sitting meditatively on Country, to listen, learn and to remember. The work incorporates weaving and embroidery techniques, drawing attention to the cultural practices of the artist’s female ancestors. Each work has been created in, and alongside significant waterways on country, reflecting Gamilaraay women’s responsibility to protect the waterways.

All exhibitions open Wednesday, 16 March 2022 and continue until Sunday, 1 May 2022. 

The Northern Rivers Community Gallery is located at 44 Cherry Street Ballina and is open Wednesday to Friday from 10am until 4pm and weekends from 9.30am until 1:00pm. 

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