Awakenings: The Making of 'Things Impossible' |  A SPRUNG!! + Andrew Christie Collaborative Project

This immersive exhibition was showcased at Northern Rivers Community Gallery from 25 August - 31 October 2021 in Gallery 4.

Dance theatre is an art in which choreography, music, costume, projections, and lighting combine in an alchemical way to transport an audience through a story without words. This series of digital works lifts the veil to present a behind-the-scenes look at the consortium of artistic talents and outcomes in co-creating the magic of Sprung!!’s productions. 

An extensive body of work developed between SPRUNG!! Integrated Dance Theatre and Sydney artist Andrew Christie culminated in 2020 with a sold-out production at NORPA Lismore. As an artist often working with community-based practices while employing methods of new-media, Christie has worked with the dancers to develop virtual environments that complement their choreography featured as digital renders, virtual reality and stage projection with a distinct focus on those with disability negotiating ableist environments. The result is a collection of non-linear narratives which intersect and express a multitude if experiences taken from the dancer’s own lives, including the tendency for those with a disability to be denied a sense of individuality by wider society, as well as not being recognised as capable of expressing dissenting opinions within groups with shared disabilities.

Not only does the exhibition document the history of this collaboration - featuring video footage of virtual reality experiences and displays highlighting the NORPA production including costumes by Jennifer Irwin, lighting by John Rayment and music by Fred Cole – but also features entirely new choreographed performances by the dancers, and updated projections and prints which give further insight to these worlds and emphasises the nature of this ongoing collaboration.


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