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Speaking with the River - Citizen Science workshop program with LabX and guest artists

Are We Losing an Island? Monitoring Mangroves in the Richmond River |  Dr Deb Stokes

Date: Friday 26 March 2021

Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Where: Mobbs Bay, South Ballina

Ages:  Adults and kids 10+

Cost: FREE

What to Bring: Hat, protective clothing, sunscreen, insect reppellent and drinking water

Join coastal scientist Dr. Deb Stokes for a field-trip to Mobbs Bay in the Richmond River, and learn how mangroves and the river are intimately linked, and how scientists record change in environments.

Scientific inquiry exists within a spatial framework, but also across a time continuum. A coastal researcher has to “see” the coast as a shifting entity across time and space.  How do they do this?  From looking below the surface at millimetre scale changes recorded in the sand or mud, to sending cameras and sensors into space to capture change at a daily, monthly or yearly scale. 

Join us for a field trip that will explore the slow, and not-so-slow, changes that are occurring around Mobbs Bay in the Richmond River, South Ballina. You will see how drones are being used to record the evolution of a small sand island, and learn how mangroves and the river are intimately linked.

Dr Deb Stokes is  a  coastal  scientist who works to increase our understanding of the interplay between human activities and geomorphological and ecological  change within our coastal habitats. She aims to use non-invasive techniques to monitor coastal animal populations and behaviour, made easier by recent advances in drone (remotely piloted aircraft – RPA) technology. Small and medium sized drones are now an integral part of her field research toolkit.


Booking Terms

Bookings are essential to attend this event. Due to NSW Government Covid-19 Health requirements attendance is strictly limited to ticket holders only. Individual attendee names must be provided at time of booking. All attendees will be required to sign in using the Service NSW QR code.

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This project is supported by Create NSW’s Audience Development Fund, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.

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