• Susan Jacobsen  |  Salt Marsh

  • Susan Jacobsen  |  (left) Mangrove Tide, (right) Salt Marsh


Susan Jacobsen

4 November - 6 January 2015

Deeply inspired by the diverse and wild Australian landscape, particularly in Northern NSW, Susan Jacobsen’s paintings are site-specific abstractions. Capturing an emotional response to her surroundings Jacobsen’s dynamic works are spared of specific location detail and tell of places or moments in the landscape for which the artist shares a deep affinity.

Living on the banks of the Richmond River in Ballina, tidal surges, flotsam and jetsam, staccato mangrove growths, sludge river mud, ever-changing water surface tension, and extraordinary light variations are a constant source of fascination for Susan. 

Drawing at all times remains central to her practice. Responses are rapidly executed. Marks are scrubbed and floated, and the linear qualities of drawing are impacted with the direct application of paint, telling of emotional response. Paint is dragged to impact on the surface, marks etched, haphazard and direct, yet fluid and lyrical.

Site abstractions, spared of specific details of location, tell of places for which the artist feels a deep affinity, evoking a new curiosity of environments close to home for viewers of the work to enjoy.

Susan is a local artist from the Ballina Shire whose works have been selected for various art prizes including the Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape in 2009 and 2011; the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize in 2013 and most recently in the Manning Art Prize in 2015.


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