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Hilary Herrmann

7 July - 7 September 2016

Abstractly, paintings are for me a ponderings upon the consequences of journeys, with the hope that change will lead to exaltation and surpass all potential downfalls; that all toils are excitements that will culminate in Homeric resolve.

Unfamiliar linens and suitcases of jumbled clothes will replace dogs unceremoniously strewn in hallways and collected flowers displayed in vases. Chaotic thoughts gather in a flustered panic, so through these works I seek a calm. Each image becomes a narrative of its own accord with complications and resolutions wherein I find peace.

The works show the good of the voyage: exhilaration, adventure, love, curiosity and intrigue. They present a continued connection despite separation. The measured doubt, in heed to the lurking Fates and shadowed Furies, is contained by this implicit trust in the victory of good, which painting has afforded me.

I hide my demons in a lyrical narrative, where roads are partial, where creatures take flight, where vessels take to the seas and where individual pursuits undoubtedly find some solace or spark. 

-  Hilary Herrmann, 2016

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