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Damien O'Mara | Airliner Series

7 September - 2 November 2016

The Airliner Series investigates the use of industrial objects through photography, where simplistic and regular functional forms have been used to represent regimented and restrictive forms of human engagement. The works depicts a more contemporary structure, one where a dynamic and fluid set of loadings result in a complex and curved structural form, that is assembled through a linear and regular pattern of everyday screws and rivets.

The result is a tension between the sophisticated form of the panelling and the simplistic arrangement of the fixings. This opposition reflects contemporary society where a higher level of engagement through experience is combined with established, rational patterns of thinking and association.

The images preference detail over the object in totality. The intent is that habitual associations with the symbolism of the airliner become secondary, and the object can be seen anew, as a conflicting mix of sophisticated and crude technology.



Damien worked as a structural design engineer for 10 years before studying filmmaking in 2009. He made two documentaries, with his 2012 film, Art at the Interface being broadcast on SBS. Damien has exhibited in Australia and internationally, winning the Aesthetica Art Prize in the UK in 2013. He is currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Visual Arts at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane.

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