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Nikky Morgan-Smith  |  Wing Song

3 November - 4 January 2016

The idea of flight is often associated with human aspiration for release from physical limitation. Many people have experienced dreams of flying and the sensations that these subconscious excursions evoke.

Wing Song is an exploration of flight and movement. I am reflecting the distortion and unease in the tension between fantasy and reality through which mundane moments can become transformed and reconfigured. By playing with the notions of flight tracking and movement mapping of momentary forms, I explore the relationship between physical and emotional memories and the way in which the conscious and the unconscious often collide in sinister yet beautiful ways.


Nikky Morgan-Smith was born in Vanuatu in 1979. She has been based on the NSW North Coast region since 1983. Nikky studied painting and printmaking at Southern Cross University and completed a bachelor of visual arts at SCU in 2003, with a year and a half spent at RMIT in Melbourne.

Nikky is represented by Anthea Polson Art on the Gold Coast, has participated in numerous group exhibitions and held a number of solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and on the north coast of NSW. Her work is represented in numerous private collections in Australia and overseas.

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