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Celebrity Divinyl

Murray Paterson

Sunday 4 October   |  5.00pm-7.00pm

Lennox Arts Board Inc (LAB) presents the latest in its long running series of Divinyl evenings. Traditionally held in Lennox Head bi-monthly since 2012, at each Divinyl event a guest host is invited to present their favourite vinyl album. The last 12 months have included entertaining occasions with Pat Davern (from the band, Grinspoon) and Chris Brock (local surfer from the Morning of the Earth film). 

This month, Celebrity Divinyl will be held at the NRCG where the Gallery will be transformed into a chilled out lounge bar! Join us in the Gallery on Sunday 4 October to enjoy a laid back evening of smooth sounds and fascinating back stories from the latest Celebrity Divinyl presenter, 'Murray Paterson'!

MurrayPaterson CelebDivinyl 

Murray Paterson is a writer, artist, filmmaker and musician most notable for his collaborations with Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses. His current activities include HEADLAND, a project archiving 8 and 16mm surf-footage from the 1970s, and an biography of Jorge Luis Borges titled I, unfortunately, am. His interest in the paradoxical nature of abstract expressionism stems from a chance meeting with Philip Guston in New York just before his death (Guston's that is). The ailing Guston is purported to have replied to the young Paterson's enquiry after the nature of abstraction with "The question is not how, or what is abstraction, but when is abstraction".

He was awarded a PhD in 2002 for his ficto-critical work Wonderstruck, an examination of the shared attributes of being in love, being on drugs and looking at objects in museums. He lives in Uralba and has two red-haired sons, Mo and Skip. 





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