September 2021  | Online Exhibition Screening

The Northern Rivers Community Gallery welcomes you to the online screening of our September group of exhibitions. For further information or sale enquiries please contact the Gallery on 02 6681 0530 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


GALLERY 1  ::  Oriel  |  Zen Staff

A collection of textural works inspired by local surrounds and satellite imagery. Staff explores how we perceive patterns, digitally and physically. Using industrial materials he recreates textures from this world and other worlds, referencing structural elements of windows though which we might view these worlds.

Zen Staff is the recipient of Northern Rivers Community Gallery's 2020 Byron School of Art Graduate Award - supporting emerging talent of the region.

GALLERY 2  ::  Slow Light Surfaces  |  Colleen DaRosa

Slow Light Surfaces continues Colleen’s study of the impact of ‘slow’ light. The way natural ambient light constantly changes an object. She highlights the translucence and lustrous quality of various surfaces so that the viewer experiences the wonderful impact of light through mindful observation. 

GALLERY 3  ::  Vitality  |  Jolene Maleficent + Kelly-Ann Oosterbeek

Vitality is the coming together of two distinct bodies of work developed under the premise of, collaboration in isolation by artists, Jolene Maleficent and Kelly-ann Oosterbeek. The final works are an unveiled flow of the narrative of positivity and harmony in uncertain times.

GALLERY 4  ::  Awakenings: The Making of 'Things Impossible'  |  A SPRUNG!! + Andrew Christie Collaborative Project  

Dance theatre is an art in which choreography, music, costume, projections, and lighting combine in an alchemical way to transport an audience through a story without words. This exhibition lifts the veil to present a behind the scenes look at the consortium of artistic talents and outcomes in co-creating the magic of Sprung!!’s productions.

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