• Life Circle | Jarrah Johnson

  • Black Berry Pickers  | Brian Cook

  • Surging Tide | Brian Cook

  • Subdued Light | Jarrah Johnson

  • After the Deluge | Jarrah Johnson

  • Jarrah Johnson

From a Northerly Aspect

Peter Mortimore  //  Brian Cook  //  Jarrah Johnson

22 July - 30 August 2015

The Northern Rivers is an inspirational place for artists.

Its beaches, blue water, flowing rivers, rolling hills and rugged ranges provide endless subjects. Its skies, from sunlit dawns to vermillion sunsets, provide dramatic backdrops; each new day brings new inspiration. Brian Cook and Peter Mortimore’s works are inspired by the colour and sumptuous beauty of the Northern Rivers.

Launch Event: Thursday 23 July 2015 5.30pm - 7.30pm

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