• Hannah Massey  |  A Hero's Journey


Hannah Massey and Nathalie Verdejo  |  Belles - Lettres

20 January - 14 February 2016

is a term used for literary works that are valued for aesthetic qualities. This collaborative exhibition by artists Hannah Massey and Nathalie Verdejo, aims to examine this intersection of genres, using poetics as an artistic medium.

Poetry, as in the visual arts, harnesses rhythm, allegory and sensuality to create an atmospheric experience. Within an artwork, words and language serve as bridges for the viewer into both subjective and objective ‘readings’ of the imagery.

The works of the exhibition are a dialogue between image, form and word. Both artists are inspired by themes of relationship; internal and external, between form and spirit, and the integration of artistic media. The artists share a connection with the French language and culture, and draw imagery and language from both French and Australian sources.

Launch Event: Thursday 21 January 2016  |  5.30pm - 7.30pm

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