• (left) D. Shaw  |  Crest,  (right) C. Hogue, R. Molloy, M. Shea  |  Jews Point

  • C. Hogue, R. Molloy, M. Shea  |  Chinamans Beach

  • (left) C. Hogue  |  Rockface at Chinamans,  (middle) R. Molloy  |  Four Views of Belongil Creek,  (right) M. Shea  |  Carmen and David and the Cliff

  • D. Shaw  |  (left) Time and Tide, (right) Danse Macabre


David Shaw, Carmen Hogue, Rick Molloy & Maryanne Shea  |  Transformation

16 March - 10 April 2016

The works in this exhibition are the result of a collaboration between sculptor David Shaw and three painters, Carmen Hogue, Rick Molloy and Maryanne Shea. Over the last year the artists have concentrated on four coastal locations in this region, each of which has a unique character.

Launch Event: Thursday 17 March 2016  |  5.30pm - 7.30pm

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