• Kylie Stoddart  |  The Only Friend to Guide You

  • Kylie Stoddart  |  (left) Forever But I Ask You, (right) Here in the Sunshine and in the Shadow


Kylie Stoddart  |  A Recollection of Lyrics

16 March - 10 April 2016

Kylie Stoddart draws on her personal experience utilizing a diverse range of mediums. By combining disparate materials she aims to illustrate the unexpected meetings that frequent daily life.

A Recollection of Lyrics is inspired by the artist’s mother, who had lost much of her memory, yet retained the songs of her youth. Loosely crocheted forms (clay dipped and fired) document the morphing of an exacting skill into a more exploratory place, that of a beginner. These pieces and their accompanying works on paper are the outcome of an investigation into both the agony of loss, and the intriguing freshness of an erased slate. 

Launch Event: Thursday 17 March 2016  |  5.30pm - 7.30pm

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