• Hailey Gardiner  |  La femme

  • Hailey Gardiner  |  (left) Marilyn with Cameras, (middle) You Have Made Love Blaze Up In My Breast - Bless You! (right) Starring Louise as Harmonia


Hailey Gardiner  |  La femme

13 April - 8 May 2016

La femme
is an intriguing collection of artworks that are simultaneously intimate self-examinations and heartfelt interpretations capturing aspects of what it is to be female. This exhibition examines the various roles women occupy at different stages of life and the relationships they have with themselves and others. The work is created using mixed media, incorporating drawing, painting, collage and monoprinting on paper and canvas. Colour, pattern, animals, life drawing, emotions, stamp collecting, retro images, famous artworks, protestors and the cosmos, this exhibition unintentionally has it all.

“My work is an expression of my desire to make a connection with and an impression on, viewer’s hearts. I am all of these things just as you are all of these things too.  I hope women see something of themselves reflected in my work.” Hailey Gardiner has lived and worked on the Northern Rivers for 18 years. 

Launch Event: Thursday 14 April 2016  |  5.30pm - 7.30pm

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