• (left) Katka Adams  |  Red Chair,  (right) Anna Freeman  |  Ready

  • Katka Adams  |  Song

  • Anna Freeman  |  Hallelujah


Katka Adams & Anna Freeman  |  The Sacred and Glorious Mundane

31 August - 25 September 2016

Katka Adams and Anna Freeman have been meeting once a week for a year, to draw and paint together. The works they have created together celebrate the everyday. With light, size, colour, association and symbolism, they have shown that these objects are amazing, glorious and even sacred. 


What started as a desire to just paint the beauty of overlooked mundane objects, became a into their simplicity, and the imprint left by their presence and their use. In everyday life we take these objects for granted , but I am often drawn to the qualities of the materials, as in paper bags and cardboard boxes, or am fond of an object because of the way they look or how they enhance my life. This is a personal journey. It's not the costly items that impact my life, but more often the overlooked ones. I am affected by their shapes and textures, I love the comfort of their familiarity and I use them for things that are important to me. This body of work moves from the purpose, personality and presence of the object onto the imprint they leave, and their temporary nature. As a result it felt natural to move from a realistic representation to more abstract form.

Katka Adams  |  SANCTUARY

This body of work represents my movement from a place of darkness into a newfound peace and light. The everyday objects I chose to depict, be it my bed, chair or sink, became the sanctuary from where I could process my thoughts, find beauty and discover ways to express myself. A sacred place. Over time, my works became more tranquil, simple and uncluttered as I delighted in the absence of everything that had weighed me down.

Launch Event: Thursday 1 September 2016  |  5.30pm - 7.30pm

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