• (left) Rowan McFarlane  |  Wood turned box, (right) Deb McFarlane  |  The Barrel


Deb & Rowan McFarlane  |  Weaving, Wood & Water

4 - 29 January 2017

Deb is an award winning textile artist and specialises in freeform tapestry weaving. This type of traditional weaving is a very long and slow process. She aspires to use natural fibres and creatively introduces textured yarns to add depth and movement to her artworks.

Rowan is a wood turner and uses reclaimed local timbers to produce stunning pieces. He features jacaranda, mango camphor laurel and red cedar. His skills were primarily taught to him by his late father, Ken.

Both Deb and Rowan have gained reputations for the quality and skills in their selected crafts. The exhibition is fused with a water theme which is inspired by their love of outdoor activities and beautiful local scenery.

 Launch Event: Thursday 5 January | 5.30pm - 7:30pm

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