• Meg Egglestone  |  (left) Overpowered, (right) Mull and Muse

  • Meg Egglestone  |  (left) Scortching Hot, (middle) Overpowered (middle), (right) Dwellings under Scortching Desert


Meg Egglestone  |  Solar Power

4 - 29 January 2017

Solar Power
is an exhibition that can only be described as an adventure into the spontaneity of abstraction. In other words to let happen whatever and wherever your paintbrush takes you. With trepidation and an almost random abandon I start, a slap of paint on a loaded brush and away I go, a curve, a circle, all the while thinking about what we know of the power of the sun. The paintings are diverse yet of similar kind all depicting the strength of the greatest solar orb in our universe, the sun and its power.

The paintings depict the spherical rotundity of the sun, being a bump, a bulge, or a soap bubble floating in the sky. This prominent sun warms with outstretched arms to give us quality of life. In ancient times the Egyptians worshipped the sun and its power, as a god. I have portrayed Hercules with all his strength lifting the sun; fearing it would disappear forever into the black holes in unknown galaxies beyond our universe. What if the sun were to melt? Then life as we know it wouldn’t exist and the question would then be- what lies ahead? Think if the Earth were swallowed by the ocean then all would be in cosmic disarray.

A passion for the power and warmth of the sun and a sense of being a singular entity in this vast universe stretches my imagination. I endeavor to choose my titles for my works carefully trying to relate somehow to the subject matter which in this case is Solar Power especially when the work is an abstract. It’s important that the viewer be aware of what I’ve tried to create, so that in many of my semi-abstract works, it is easy to soak up the subject matter. Abstraction to me is sometimes fabrication, a wave of procreation, a concoction brewing. For me abstracts are works of authorship never to be repeated. They are unique. They are impulsive. Like a synapse in time. They are pure from the soul. And like music requires strength and soft nuances so does art, it brings paintings to life.

 Launch Event: Thursday 5 January  |  5.30pm - 7:30pm

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