• Michael Chapus  |  (left) Composition 23, (right) Composition 11

  • Michael Chapus  |  (left) Composition 24 (after Levitan 1895), (right) Composition 10

  • Michael Chapus  |  (left) Composition 13, (right) Composition 3

  • Michael Chapus  |  (left) Composition 4, (right) Composition 15


Michael Chapus  |  Replanting Riverbanks

1 - 26 February 2017

Paintings about paintings, to please the eyes;
To entice the gaze, and to harmonise;
Collected impressions of fleeting locations;
Evolving through time and fomenting mutations:
Resting places for contemplative minds.

In these images, one may recognise the influence of romanticism; brushwork reminiscent of van Gogh, or traces of some of Pissarro’s subtle compositional tools. At first glance it may not appear as such, but nothing has been left to chance. This is about choosing the right geometric melody, directing the dance of triangles, and representing the vibrations of sine curves.

Painted responses, on the other hand, do not bear any relation to particular places, times, nor light conditions. One might imagine seasons: perhaps autumn, winter or spring. The brightness of colours does not always hold out, squeamishly slipping away, or hiding under numerous glazes, too often applied with the generosity of the fullest brush.

Above all, too easily does one succumb to the unreliability of the creative drip: the muses refuse their regular visitations. Appreciation waits in the end - for the spirit’s struggle, and for beauty to be discovered by the able eye.

 Launch Event: Thursday 2 February  |  5.30pm - 7:30pm

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