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Corrina McLaughlin  |  Coming Home

26 April - 21 May 2017

After fourteen years away- making mistakes, creating life, discovering who I am and what I can do, I came home. To come home is an occasion for celebration, but also the mourning of what was lost along the way. Our journeys never end but they can lead us on great adventures. My adventure ended and began when I returned home to where I grew up. The beginning of a new chapter, but also the end of a life that I thought was going to be my forever. But not every ending is sad. My ending started with my own self- discovery into a new chapter of my life. Of discovering that I am stronger then what I think I am and have much more courage than I thought I had.

Returning to my home where I grew up, that always gave me peace has enabled me to find the person inside that I always hoped was there. To re-establish myself where I feel I belong is an incredible feeling. To be able to smell the salt in the air from the ocean and feel the sand underneath my feet brings back childhood memories of times that were so much simpler. Why can’t we just live in those moments forever?
But moments are fleeting, and to be able to capture them to quick forever is a precious gift that we cannot lose sight of. To be able to hold a shell or a leaf in your hand and appreciate not just what it is but also what it signifies or could be. A leaf floating on the breeze has the potential to hold an entire lifetime in its grasp and to change the world if not just for one person. The small moments that make up our entire lives ought to be celebrated.

To begin again is just as easy as taking the first step and letting go. Of trusting that things will be ok. And for me, that meant letting go of the life I thought I wanted and talking the path home, one small step, and moment at a time.

 Launch Event: Thursday 27 April  |  5.30pm - 7:30pm

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