• (right) Jennifer Lowrey  |  Green Antidepressent, (middle) Willie Mutton  | untitled

  • (left) Jennifer Lowrey  |  Pretty things live forever, (right) John Rose  |  My home


Group Exhibition by artists from RED Inc.  |  Repetition and Milk and Honey

26 April - 21 May 2017

Repetition and Milk and Honey is a group exhibition born out of artist Jennifer Lowrey’s desire to make works for others to enjoy and the inspiration she has found through connecting with fellow artists at RED Inc. supported Art Studio in Lismore. The artists all use repetition, explore colour and play with ideas of pattern in their artworks; unlocking a land of milk and honey where anything is possible and where shared techniques reveal strong individual styles and artistic outcomes.

Jennifer Lowrey has a Fine Arts Degree from QCA and has exhibited locally and nationally. Jen’s preferred medium is watercolour on paper, often using text influenced by music and her daily state of mind to create patterns and abstracted shapes.

John Rose is a painter with a strong sense of colour and form. He uses art to show people his way of seeing things. Inspired by Impressionism, John creates bold works of art.

Willie Mutton has been drawing in his art books for 10 years, using black pencil to create repetitious images inspired by his favourite TV shows. He began using colour when he started attending art classes at RED Inc. Willie has a free form brush style, creating layers that have echoes of colour field painting.

Leanne Rose is inspired by animals and pictures in her collection of books. Leanne finds great joy in creating artworks with a sense of pattern and colour through repetition and meticulous mark making.

 Launch Event: Thursday 27 April 5.30pm - 7:30pm

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