• Kate Dambach  |  The Splendour of Recognition

  • Kate Dambach  |  (left) The Presence of Absence, (right) The Condensation of Essence


Kate Dambach |  liminal

15 November - 17 December 2017

Originally from the United States and now residing in Sydney, Kate has always been interested in the experience of the liminal, the spaces in-between.

This body of work is a meditation on the pause at the end of the breath. Drawing inspiration from both vast wilderness that is awe-inspiring yet soul crushing and takes your breath away, thus lengthening that pause; and from the often missed and thought mundane moments like the turn of the breath from inhale to exhale. These simple yet magical moments hold the wonder of possibility; they are the threshold, the world in slow motion for that split second before it all begins. Kate creates moments with paint to express this in-between, utilizing saturated colour, glazing layers and subtle shifts to create an emotive experience through paint.

Launch Event: Thursday 16 November  |  5.30pm - 7.30pm

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