• (left) Gavin Hughes  |  Nippers, (right) Wanda Chin  |  Chilli Prawns

  • (left) Lee Adendorf  |  Maccas, (middle) Wanda Chin  |  Custard Jam Roly Poly, (right) Wanda Chin  |  Lemon Cheese Cake


Group Exhibition  |  Our Ballina Table

1 - 26 March 2017

Ballina’s fantastic local produce is on show not only at the market but also in the art gallery this month. The exhibition, entitled Our Ballina Table features photography drawn from and inspired by a cookbook produced by the parents of a local school in 2016. Families shared their favourite recipes, together with stories about them: these were tales of special meals, what to do with your extra mangoes, recipes for festive dishes, things to cook for a child with food allergies, secret ingredients, special chutneys, grandma’s baking, crabs fished from the river and macadamias any way you please. It started life as a school cookbook, but a beautiful 'foodscape' of a community emerged, illustrated by the work of two local food and landscape photographers, Gavin Hughes and Wanda Chin. This exhibition showcases some of their fantastic photography and some of the best stories from the book.

Wanda's food photos probably number in the millions. The Byron-based, Melbourne-bred, Singapore-raised photographer and passionate foodie is a modern day alchemist by trade, nomadic adventurer by choice, and creative powerhouse by nature. Her current weapon of choice is a Canon 6D which catches scenes, characters and moods from a wondrous, wander-ous life. 

Gavin is a Scottish-born Ballina chef and photographer who has lived in the area for more years than he can remember. A mad-keen cyclist, lover-of-life and community, he captures food both in the kitchen and at the source, on his long cycles around the Ballina coast and through the hinterland back roads that he loves so much. 

 Launch Event: Thursday 2 March 5.30pm - 7:30pm

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