• (L) Jasmine Phillips  |  Of Sea and Stars  |  (R) Katie Alleva  |  The Golden Thread Within Us All

  •  Jill Runciman  |  (L) Mall of Levitation, (R) American Dream Divided

  • (L) Rebecca Tapscott  |  Black Cockatoos Are Free  |  (Middle) Julia Curtis |  Sleep Mask  |  (R) Rebecca  Tapscott  |  One is as Good as Two  


Group Exhibition |  Dreaming

9 January - 4 February 2018

Dreaming features five local artists exploring how the subconscious mind manifests itself through dreams. 

Katie Alleva's printmaking investigates the spaces between memory and dreaming, presenting a compromise between two opposing views as a poetic response self-discovery.

Julia Curtis's paintings and sculptures focus on self-image, feminine gaze and the cover of night to reflect the conscious arena of awake dreaming, repetitive dreaming and night terrors.

Jasmine Phillips' paintings attempt to capture the fleeting fragments of dreams, to force an ethereal moment into something tangible and remembered. 

Jill Runciman’s photography and mixed media works reconstruct recurring nightmares, and question consumerism and femininity within the ‘American dream’.

Rebecca Tapscott utilises myriad techniques to dream of her inner child. Nature and mortality are central themes as a response to her recent cancer journey.

This multi-disciplinary exhibition delves into the dreaming mind and how thoughts, desires, memories and fears juxtapose against physical reality.

Launch Event: Thursday 11 January 5.30pm - 7.30pm

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