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Victoria Pitel |  Shifts in Perspective

7 February - 4 March 2018

By employing the figure as a map to human experience, the body; ever present yet hidden and complex, supplies an endless source of inspiration connecting place, time and memory.

"Figurative ceramics offers me an insight into deeper physiological elements of my subculture and everyday life; questioning realities which we consistently aim to present. I use the figure as a vehicle to create physiological compositions that lead us to re-evaluate our perceptions of human experience.

Using ceramic techniques and found objects, I attempt to present characters engaged in their fate. Struggling to survive, with figures balance preciously on their platforms, tension is created between endurance and extinction.

Concepts raised through practice-led research strengthens connections between studio practice and theory, leading to narratives of human ontology. As reflected, this body of work is preoccupied with Shifts in Perception, inspired by Ancient Terracotta Toys, children’s literature and shared childhood experiences. Through this work I ask; what is it, exactly, that our next generations will inherit?"  

Launch Event: Thursday 8 February 5.30pm - 7.30pm

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