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Private Gods and the Yielding  |  Jo Olive  

23 October - 15 December 2019

Private Gods and the Yielding is a new exhibition in which Jo investigates a shift in her personal belief structures about spirituality and the self. This shift is interpreted as a “softening” or a surrender; finding herself in a place of non-resistance to all possibilities. Deeply autobiographical in content, Jo’s works are led by a love of process and spontaneous responses to the “directions” that arise within contemplative states.

Within the works, surfaces are layered or stacked, graphic marks are concealed and repeated, drawings and collage are disassembled and remade. Humble and found materials are favoured and material “failings” or weaknesses are retained or mended as part of the inherent poetics of the work. Text based works or “lists” are also used as a supplement, a way into the thought processes behind the exhibition.

Jo studied at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Fine Art History, Philosophy and Cinematic Studies before relocating to the Northern Rivers in 2001. She also completed her Graduate Diploma of Education in Visual Arts along with studies in printmaking at Southern Cross University in Lismore. Jo currently lives and works in Doon Doon.


Launch Event: Thursday 24 October 2019 5.30pm - 7.30pm


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