• Debbie Taylor Worley  | When the creeks flow (detail), 2020

Wun-ga-li Ngurrambaa Winanga-li (Return to Birthplace to listen, hear, know, remember)  |  Debbie Taylor Worley

9 March - 1 May 2022

Returning to Gamilaraay country in order to reconnect both bodily and spiritually to the places of her Ancestors and sites significant to her childhood, Taylor-Worley has sat in Winanga-li, the principle of sitting meditatively on Country, to listen, learn and to remember. The work incorporates weaving and embroidery techniques, drawing attention to the cultural practices of the artist’s female ancestors. Each work has been created in, and alongside significant waterways on country, reflecting Gamilaraay women’s responsibility to protect the waterways.

Online screening: Thursday 24 March 2022, 5.30pm


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