• Hannah Massey | Inheritance (detail), 2022

Human Remains | Hannah Massey

11 January - 5 March 2023

Human Remains is a contemplation of the history of human civilizations and the preoccupation of societies to create monuments to and of themselves. Ceramics, with its inherent durability, has endured over time becoming relics and as such is reflective of both the persistence and the fragility of human society itself. Relics can reveal the stories that are important to a culture. The ideas and the narratives that are chosen are set in stone, with some portraying themes that appear across different cultural groups. This collection of “contemporary relics” is thus an invitation to the viewer to reflect upon ourselves as a shared experience of humanity; who and how we have been in the past and in turn who we are in the present and wish to be in the future.

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Launch Event: Thursday 19 January 2023, 5.30pm - 7.30pm 

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  • Images: Hannah Massey | Human Remains (Installation view), 2022. Courtesy of NRCG

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