• Prita Tina Yeganeh | The Making of Mohammadi (Untitled 4), 2023.

The Making of Mohammadi | Prita Tina Yeganeh

28 June - 20 August 2023

Prita Tina Yeganeh is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based artist of Iranian ancestry. In The Making of Mohammadi, Yeganeh explores the traditional Iranian scent of rosewater and its imprint on the desert landscapes of Qamsar. Every spring, the arid terrain blossoms into a wild field of sacred roses, famously known as the Mohammadi flowers of Qamsar. The exhibition showcases the traditional craft of AbrÄ« printing (adapted for the silk medium) emphasising this metamorphosis from desert to rose garden. As Mohammadi blooms, the seven-centuries-old tradition of handcrafting rosewater begins. Yeganeh's memories of Iran are infused with a rosewater scent, and she entwines this connection with transformative landscapes. Through the immersive experience of the exhibition, visitors explore the significance of scent in evoking cultural memories and nostalgia and reflect on the emotional experience of displacement. For Yeganeh, the scent of rosewater holds an enduring power of comfort and connection to her Iranian identity.


View Exhibition Floorsheet HERE: Gallery3_Floorsheet_July_Exhibitions.pdf

Launch Event: Thursday 6 July 2023, 5.30pm - 7.30pm 

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