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  • Jemima Patch-Taylor | Nostalgia (Tintenbar), 2023.

Grounding (States of Flow) | Jemima Patch-Taylor

28 June - 20 August 2023

The recipient of this year’s SCU Graduate Award Exhibition, Jemima Patch-Taylor, explores the essence of landscape in her exhibition Grounding (States of Flow). This exhibition touches on rhythms of nature and cyclic dispositions of the universe and how this can relate to human consciousness. It provides glimpses of moments of time, stillness, and reflection, expressing a synergy between the spirit of human emotion and ever-changing natural phenomena..


View Exhibtion Floorsheet HERE: Gallery2_Floorsheet_July_Exhibitions.pdf


Launch Event: Thursday 6 July 2023, 5.30pm - 7.30pm 

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