Until recent decades, the influence of religion in shaping local communities was significant. The Christian traditions of Anglicanism, Methodism and Catholicism were the dominant religions observed locally. This is reflected in the number of historic churches of these denominations that ornament our towns and villages.

Historically, religion played an important role in guiding the daily spiritual lives of settler communities. In addition, church activities brought families together socially, as well as served philanthropic needs in the wider community.

Today, even though religion has less influence than in the past, our community churches continue to serve spiritual, social and philanthropic needs. In other words, churches still carry out important functions established decades ago.

Carry On takes a look at the ‘good works’ – or in current day terms the ‘ministries’ – of historic and contemporary members of St Bartholomew’s, or St Bart’s, Anglican Church, located in The Avenue, Alstonville. These stories illustrate the Church’s traditional, and ongoing, roles in the community.

By Jasmine, Lily (Alstonville High School), Amanda and Lois (Alstonville Plateau Historical Society) and Karenza Ebejer in collaboration with Alison Draper, Rev. Greg Ezzy, Phil Cowie, Rose Jones and Maryanne Bienke.

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