In the Richmond River district, with the creation of towns and villages in the late nineteenth century churches and cemeteries were established.

Migrants of English, Scottish and Irish descent brought with them their religious traditions of Anglicanism, Methodism and Catholicism. Cemeteries were sectioned according to these faiths, so that those of the same religion were buried together and apart from those of other beliefs.

The historic division of cemeteries according to religious tradition remains evident when visiting our local historic cemeteries. Other ‘traditions’, or past social mores, regarding death and burial are also revealed when we look closer at the layout of our local historic cemeteries. Searching for Andrew Connolly explores how his religious community felt about, and responded to, his death by suicide in the late nineteenth century.

By Eloise, Tamryn (Alstonville High School), Cathey (Alstonville Plateau Historical Society) and with Karenza Ebejer collaboration with Kerry Cohen.

Search for Andrew Connolly from NRCG Ballina on Vimeo.

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