• Juliette Rengel, In Sickness and In Health, Acrylic on canvas, 2020

Juliette Rengel |  Student Reflection

I interviewed L about her experience of breaking her elbows and recovering at the hospital. She had tripped over a distracted dog and ended up on a trip to hospital.

As L was being carried away to the hospital, her husband collapsed. So, they ended up in the same hospital room!

L had trouble performing basic tasks with both her elbows broken, and she was looking forward to being more independent again once she recovered. When I spoke to L, she was in good spirits and had a wonderfully positive attitude. Her lovely husband was visiting her every day. 

My painting reflects L’s limited movement and also the care and support she has received from her husband and the staff. Showing them together in the hospital room was important. I wanted to show the companionship between two people so I used symmetry to align elements in the picture like beds, slippers and coffee cups.

Patient Story  |  'Micha'

In a nutshell, I ended up with two broken elbows!

A friend and I were walking her dog. The dog ran across in front of me and tripped me. I fell face first straight on the road and broke both my elbows at the same time. 

There wasn’t much pain initially but when I went to move my arms, I had no strength in them. My husband was called to the scene. While my husband and I were waiting for the ambulance, he collapsed and had to be taken to hospital as well. 

It was a shock.  My right elbow was the worst and required surgery. After surgery, I had a large plaster cast from my fingertips to near my shoulder. My left arm was in a sling and I also had two massive black eyes.

I was dependent on other people for everything - to go to the toilet, shower and eat. I am a keen reader and I could not even turn the pages of a book, write or do the puzzles that I enjoy.

Advice to others: “Be positive and think of the future.  Don’t dwell on the past.  There is no point in trying to blame anyone.”


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