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March Exhibitions | Explorations of identity and place

Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) presents four new exhibitions this March that showcase explorations of place and identity in a variety of forms that include nostalgic abstractions and representations of Lake Ainsworth, a mother and her 8-year-old son's journey to Ramingining in the Northern Territory, the complexities of growing up in Australia as a person with mixed heritage and a group exhibition of queer artists looking at identity and regionality.

Gallery Coordinator, Imbi Davidson, said "We are delighted to be presenting four diverse and engaging exhibitions in the gallery. Each of the artists and exhibitions present refined responses to landscape, through abstract painting and photography, as well as exploring cultural narratives and responses to country in varied ways. We are also excited to be hosting the first queer, curated group exhibition in Ballina, a must-see collection of dynamic contemporary artworks."

Portrait of a Landscape | Jenevieve Beves
Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Jenevieve's work is rooted in an ongoing exploration of mark making, landscape and memory. Through the fusion of abstraction and representation, Jenevieve seeks to capture the essence of place, depicting the character, story and emotion embodied by a place.

The Boy From Ramingining | Cassandra Scott-Finn
In The Boy From Ramingining each photograph offers a glimpse into the daily rhythms, spirit, and untold stories woven into the landscapes of Arnhem Land. Scott-Finn's lens transforms into a storyteller, bridging the realms of art and life. This exhibition extends an invitation to witness the authenticity and cultural vibrancy of Ramingining and pays homage to Scott-Finn's journey in Arnhem Land alongside her 8-year-old son.

Mestiza/Mestizo | Mark Kleine
Mestiza/Mestizo is an exhibition that celebrates the multifaceted nature of identity. Drawing from key components of Kleine's practice, the exhibition speaks to their lived experience as a 'mestizo' - a person of 'mixed' Filipino descent. This is expressed through photographic narratives that depict Kleine in a variety of guises.

Exhale, in forward motion | Curated by Fabian Pertzel
This exhibition brings together artists with deep connections to regional Australian landscapes and culture. They examine their lives and the world around them through this lens and explore Queerness in a way that extends beyond categories of identity. It is at the essence of how they think, experience, and view the world. Exhale, in forward motion is a moment to breath and share the unique perspectives shaped by regional Queer lives and experiences.

All exhibitions open Wednesday 6 March and continue until Sunday 28 April. The official exhibition launch will be held 5.30 - 7.30pm, Thursday 14 March.

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