Unconditional Stories

Ballina District Hospital + TAFE NSW Lismore Art Program

12 August - 18 October 2020

Join us on this journey of health, illness and life experiences transformed into art. A visual exploration of the impact of illness and injury experienced by patients and their caregivers recently discharged from Ballina District Hospital. Students from TAFE NSW Lismore Creative Design and Ideation Faculty collaborated with patients to produce a range of artwork that reflects unique and personal stories of sickness and healing.

 Launch event:  no event due to COVID-19 restrictions

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Monique Jerome - Gra Gra's Story

Monique Jerome  |  Student Reflection; G leads a very rich and inspiring life amongst the Ballina community. Although he is retired now, he was ...


Tania Alderman - Freddie

Tania Alderman |  Student Reflection; I interviewed F with her husband, the resultant painting depicts sunset at the North Wall, the mouth of the ...


Lucy Arnott - Slow Learner

Lucy Arnott |  Student Reflection; This piece is a symbolic representation of a lovely gentleman’s health journey navigating through ...


Lynne Sealotus Edmonston - Rudge

Lynne Sealotus Edmonston |  Student Reflection; My drawing was created in response to a story told to me by ‘Rudge’. Rudge had spinal problems from ...


Julie DeLorenzo - Scruffy

Julie DeLorenzo  |  Student Reflection; For this project, I hadn’t planned to do a literal portrait, so doing a phone interview without any ...


Mandy Bell - Broken Sight

Mandie Bell |  Student Reflection; The patient I interviewed was an active member of her community. Socially, she was an active golf player ...


Mark Alcock - Marco Polo

Mark Alcock |  Student Reflection; P shared a tale of woe that began towards the end of 2017 and continues to this day. A personal-life ...


Vicky Tulle - Survivor

Vicky Tulle |  Student Reflection; M will be 95 years old this August 2020. She had polio when she was 18 months old after contracting ...


Juliette Rengel - Micha

Juliette Rengel |  Student Reflection; I interviewed L about her experience of breaking her elbows and recovering at the hospital. She had tripped ...


Penelope Sienna - Spanner in the Works

Penelope Sienna |  Student Reflection; My conversation with C was a carer’s story as she always cared for her brother, D, who has Down’s ...

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